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Established in 2017, Lingvistika Multilingual Ventures is based in Mumbai. A pioneer of Russian Language training, Professional Interpretation & Translation (also for foreign languages) services in India. Lingvistika Multilingual Ventures, with its team of Teachers, Translators and Interpreters aims to consistently maintain the best quality and timely language (translation, interpretation & training) services. We specialize in language training, general and technical translation services.

Lingvistika ensures this quality of work and timely delivery of projects and assignments thanks to the good network of professionals who are experienced. We also take pride in stating that our network consists of professional with near-native fluency in Russian, and we also have professionals who are native speakers of Russian.

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Lingvistika Multilingual Ventures signed a cooperation agreement in 2017  with the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Moscow : by virute of which it became the India centre Pushkin Institute Global Partnership Network for Russian. It is authorised to conduct specialized Russian language classes and also hold the requisite Certification Exams in Mumbai. We are the only Institution, which in collaboration with Pushkin Institute, Moscow have launched European Academic Curriculum style Russian Language courses in India.

  • Needless to say that the quality of our work will exceed your expectations.
  • We also do corporate and bulk jobs at competitive rates.

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We offer European Academic Curriculum style Russian Language courses in India.

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Our Trainers

Our Trainers are well trained and experienced in Teaching Russian Language and Literature, who gives you all round knowledge of the language and can fulfil all your language needs:

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Our Trainers

Laxmi Sundararaman Mikaelyan is a Teacher, Translator, Interpreter and Researcher par excellence in the field of Russian. Endowed with an MA in Russian from JNU, and a PhD from Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia. Laxmi Mikaelyan has acquired long standing experience in teaching institutions. Her experience has included senior administrative responsibilities, along with teaching. She retired as Head, Dept of Russian, University of Mumbai.

Mr. Vivek Chandanshiv is a Teacher, Translator in the field of Russian Language. He has completed his MA in Russian from University of Mumbai. He has also worked in the University of Mumbai in the Department of Russian as Assistant Professor. Vivek has translated Russian short stories into Marathi and has translated many other scientific materials in Russian and English.

Ms. Dhanashree Ojale is a Teacher, Translator and Interpreter of Russian Language. She has completed her Masters in Russian from University of Mumbai and has been Visiting Faculty in Department of Russian, University of Mumbai. Dhanashree has done translation and Interpretation for various companies and professionals.

Dr. Laxmi Mikaelyan
Vivek Chandanshiv
Dhanashree Ojale