Elementary Course (A1)

Elementary level

Upon completion of A1 level Russian you will be able to pronounce, comprehend and read the Russian Alphabet, words and phrases in Russian in everyday situations. You will not only be able present yourself as well as others around you, but you will also be fully capable of participating in conversations: ask and answer questions about leisure, lifestyle and travel. You will also have the capacity to understand and write basic texts like filling out a hotel registration form or an e-card to your friends and family.

Course structure

  • This course will enable you to speak Russian accent-free, learn common words and learn basic grammar

Introductory phonetic and grammar course

Course content:

  • phonetics: sounds, compound sounds, words; rhythm, phrase, intonation
  • graphics and spelling: letters and sounds, transcription, spelling, texts
  • vocabulary and grammar workshop
  • tests
  • phonetic simulator: virtual phonetic cabinet
  • reference book
  • scored dictionary with illustrations and translation in multiple languages
  • You will familiarize yourself with the Russian lifestyle, learn many new words and grammatical structure and begin speaking Russian in everyday situations

Intensive course

Course content:

  • a collection of texts with an increasing level of difficulty and exercises on reading comprehension
  • monologues, dialogues, and listening comprehension exercises
  • exercises for initial verbal and written communication
  • vocabulary and grammar in exercises and illustrations
  • tests
  • Our interactive workbook will help you learn elementary vocabulary and grammar and speak Russian without errors

Russian in exercises

Course content:

  • language exercises
  • speaking exercises
  • grammatical tables
  • help, comments, and recommendations
  • In our interactive workshop for verbal and written word you will meet famous Russian people – politicians, writers, journalists, scientists, athletes and others. You will read and learn to comprehend authentic Russian texts even though you just started learning Russian.

Conversations with Russians

Course content:

  • a collection of authentic illustrated texts and interviews
  • reading comprehension exercises
  • speech and written language assignments
  • lexical and grammatical exercises
  • regional geographic commentary
  • basic lexicons
  • The final test will show whether you’ve covered Russian as a foreign language at basic A1 level and will determine if you’re ready to be certified

Final Test

Test content:

  • subtest “Vocabulary. Grammar”
  • subtest “Reading”
  • subtest “Listening”
  • subtest “Written word”
  • subtest “Speaking”
  • subtest “Phonetics”
  • information about certification

After passing the Elementary Level (A1), you are eligible to receive Russian Certification from Pushkin Institute, Moscow.

Course Duration:

Practical Hours: 120 Hrs

Self Study Hours: 60 Hrs

Test: 2 Hrs

Total: 182 Hrs