Event: Signing of Partnership Agreement with The Institute of Pushkin.

The signing of the Co-operation Agreement between Lingvistika Multilingual Ventures, LLP, Mumbai, India and The Institute of Pushkin, Moscow, Russia on the 18 th of February 2017 marks an unique event in the history of Russian language in India. By signing this document on behalf of their respective organizations Prof. (Dr) Laxmi S. Mikaelyan, Founding Member of Lingvistika and Prof. (Dr) Radcheko, Director, Centre for Lingvodidactics of Pushkin Institute have embarked on an interesting path of development of Russian language studies in India.

About The Institute of Pushkin:
The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute specializes in teaching Russian to international students and in training teachers to teach Russian as a foreign language. The Institute was founded in 1966 as a part of Moscow State University. It was granted its present status in 1998.

In the event, Professor Laxmi S. Mikaelyan who has been the former Head of the Department of Russian, University of Mumbai, spoke mainly on the current scenario of Russian Language studies in India and the need for such a highly supportive partnership programme for the popularisation of Russian language . Professor Radchenko gave a brief introduction of his Institute and the partnership program. The Event being interactive, there was a Round Table Q&A, where Professor Radchenko answered the questions asked by the students. He also said that, this is the first time that their Institute has signed such a contract in India, giving way to open their First Partner Centre in India, authorised to induct students for Russian Language, train them in Russian and formalise the Test arrangements on behalf of The Pushkin Institute. Language proficiency for people who want to learn Russian to settle in Russia, find work or go for business postings Russia is the requirement of the day.

Main feature of any of the courses under the partnership program is that, on successful completion of the same, the students will receive the relevant certificate from The Institute of Pushkin, Moscow, Russia. Many other benefits of the partnership program would include cultural events, competitions and quiz programmes devoted to Russian language, culture, literature.

The signing of the Agreement of Co-operation took place in the presence of the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai Mr. Andrei Zhiltsov and the Deputy to the Head of Representation of ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO in India and Director, Russian Centre for Science & Culture, Mumbai Mr. Vladimir Dementiev, who also gave their valuable words of support and appreciation to this collaboration:

The Consul General of the Russian Federation in Mumbai Mr. Andrei Zhiltsov said that it gives him great pleasure to be present at such a significant event. The signing of this document will contribute greatly to popularising Russian language all over India. He greatly appreciated the efforts of the two signatories which has made this event possible, and wished all success.

Professor Radchenko’s presentation on the importance of the cultural component in learning a language with illustrations from a multitude of languages was extremely interesting to one and all. With great pleasure Professor Radchenko presented to the Consul General with a beautiful souvenir – the special Commemorative Envelope dedicated to the 50th year of the Pushkin Institute of Russian Language.

Professor Radchenko presented the much valued Universal Dictionary of Russian Language ( Prof.V.V.Morkovkin) an important academic publication of the Institute to Mr. Dementiev for the Library of Russian Centre for Science & Culture, Mumbai to enrich that Library even more. Prof Radchenko presented a copy of this dictionary to Prof. Mikaelyan for Lingvistika also. Full utilization of the collaboration potential will help Russian language to regain its lost glory which it had in the times if USSR. It is, as they would say in Russian, Novaya vekha (new milestone) in Russian language studies in India.

Article By: Vivek Chandanshiv.

Edited By: Laxmi Mikaelyan